Traditional Genealogical Research

Determining ancestral relationships using paper documents and digitized sources.

Genetic Genealogy for Adoptees

Analyzing DNA results to ascertain the identity of the biological parents of adoptees or people of unknown parentage.

IGG for Law Enforcement

Using DNA and genealogy to ascertain the identity of human remains or suspected violent offenders.


My hourly rate is $50/hour plus expenses*. I provide an initial, one-hour consultation free of charge, in which I can help you assess whether my services are right for you and your project, and in which I can answer any questions you might have about how the process would work.

My hourly rate applies to the time it takes to:

  • Review and verify consequential data that you provide me at the start of the project
  • Conduct research
  • Drive to and from physical repositories, if necessary
  • Correspond
  • Write and proofread reports

For simple document retrievals, a single hour may suffice. For solving genealogical problems, my services are booked in 10-hour blocks.

Contact me today to start with a free consultation!

* Expenses include, but are not limited to, things like fees that I might need to pay in order to park at an archive, enter an archive, request documents, copy/print paper records, mail the client a physical report (if client prefers over digital delivery), or have a DNA testing kit sent to a client. I always have the client authorize such expenses in writing, before I incur such expenses.


Josiah offers a great service at excellent value. [I appreciate] his professionalism and attention to detail.

Jennifer Williams – Los Angeles, CA

[Josiah] is conscientious about his work. I really can’t see going anywhere else to have my work done and am so pleased with his results.

David Swann – Lake Elsinore, CA