Index of Vital Records in Iba, Machtlos, and Gilfershausen post-1876

I am happy to announce that I have added a “Free Genealogy Resources” section to my website, at My first offering is a set of three indexes I spent hundreds of hours translating and compiling. The indexes cover births, marriages, and deaths in the German towns of Iba, Machtlos, and Gilfershausen in 1876 and afterward.

These are only indexes. There is more information in the original documents that they reference. When you find an index entry for one of your ancestors, I encourage you to use the record number to acquire the original document. Here is another blog post that explains how to access original Hessian vital records online.

When you acquire the original document, it will be in German, so you will need to translate it. If you need help translating from old German handwriting into English, I offer such services at a reasonable fee.

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