Episode #3: “All About Death” | The German-American Genealogist Podcast

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Published 20 October 2014

Happy Halloween! To celebrate the spooky and the macabre, this episode of the podcast is dedicated to exploring the records left behind by our ancestors after their deaths. How to find a death certificate, how to find a newspaper obituary, how to find cemetery burial records, and how to use probate records. Then, we speak with genealogist Janita (Barringer) Beals, who tells the amazing story of how she discovered that the remains of her grandfather, who had died 71 years earlier, had never been buried. Special featured music in this episode is Bach’s “Fantasy in C Minor”.


    • Janita (Barringer) Beals – Janita (Barringer) Beals is a family researcher who has done extensive research on Northwest Iowan history, and the German-American “Barringer” family of New York and the Midwest. Janita discovered the remains of her grandfather, Cleborn Barringer, which had been sitting at a funeral home in Spokane, Washington for 71 years waiting to be claimed. She took charge of the remains and helped ensure that they received a proper memorial service and burial with the rest of his family.

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