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Josiah Schmidt

Josiah Schmidt brings extensive experience as a grassroots organizer and social media coordinator, having been the social media director, endorsements coordinator, and a press liaison for Gov. Gary Johnson for President 2012, an advance coordinator and event planner for the Our America Initiative, a grassroots leader and volunteer fundraiser for Peter Schiff for U.S. Senate 2010 and Ron Paul for President 2008, a media developer for the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and the state chairman of multiple political advocacy groups. Josiah's messaging skills have been honed over many years as a staff writer for Liberty Features Syndicate, the Re-Examiner, RightOSphere, Liberty Movement HQ, Race42012, and the official Gary Johnson for President 2012 blog.

Adil Khan

Adil has been involved with politics since 2008. After attending Drake University, Adil worked for the State of Iowa as a Revenue Examiner. When the 2012 presidential season began, Adil joined the Ron Paul presidential campaign, directly managing over 43% of the vote in Iowa, including the greater Des Moines area. He would later go on to create the statewide plan for Nevada and finally North Dakota as Director of State Operations. While in North Dakota, Adil founded North Dakota Liberty PAC as a test charter before bringing it to his home state of Iowa where he serves as Executive Director of Liberty Iowa PAC. Adil currently consults and manages many local candidates whom his PAC has endorsed.

Laura Delhomme

Laura Delhomme is a professional libertarian political consultant and IT specialist. She has experience in project management, fundraising, volunteer coordination, and web strategy. With a Bachelor's degree in computer science, she has deep experience in software development and working with a variety of clients, gaining her experience at a Big Four consulting firm and a 200 person company. Being involved with the Libertarian Party since she could vote, Laura has also taken on numerous leadership roles: 8th Congressional District chair of the Libertarian Party of Virginia, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia, and Virginia state director for the Gary Johnson 2012 campaign, all the while leading the charge on numerous initiatives like petitioning for ballot access, running outreach events, and serving at various times as campaign manager and volunteer coordinator for multiple campaigns.

Christopher Carlisle Hamilton

Chris is somewhat of a jack of all trades when it comes to video editing and motion graphics. He has been a techie since the time he could walk, and a passionate advocate of the politics of liberty since he discovered the writings of Milton Friedman in his teenage years. He has worked at major advertising firms servicing some of the most visible brands in the world such as McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Allstate, Sprint, and Comcast, to name a few. Coming from an advertising background, he has an in depth understanding of what it takes to help make a campaign successful, and understands how to tell your story to your audience in a way that is impactful, engaging, and memorable.

Nick Fidel

Nick Fidel is a cutting edge, up-and-coming graphic designer based in the San Diego, California area. Nick has a portfolio of impressive work, including web, graphic, and logo design for the Gary Johnson for President 2012 website and social media sites. Nick earned a graphic design certificate at California State University San Marcos in 2007. Nick was a web developer for Earnware Corp and Grindhouse releasing, and has designed websites for many popular musicians. His specialties include almost a decade of experience with Photoshop, HTML/CSS, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Flash, Final Cut, and JavaScript.


David Adams

David Adams, the strategy advisor for Liberty Torch Political Consulting, LLC, is perhaps best known as the campaign manager for Rand Paul's successful 2010 Senate election. David was also the director of the Bluegrass Institute, and the campaign manager for Phil Moffett's 2011 gubernatorial campaign in Kentucky. David is currently the publisher of Kentucky Progress, as well as the executive director of the Kentucky Knows Best PAC, dedicated to raising awareness about policies that threaten state sovereignty, advocating for candidates that promote the principles of liberty and states' rights, and impacting campaigns that affect Kentucky and its citizens.

Jonathan Bydlak

Jonathan Bydlak, as the financial advisor for Liberty Torch Political Consulting, LLC, brings a unique wealth of experience in fundraising and finance management to the firm. Educated at Princeton University, Jonathan started as an investment associate at Bridgewater. He ran the Ron Paul for President 2008 fundraising operation, which netted $35 million. Following that, he served as executive director of Discover Scholars, director of development for Citizens in Charge, and was the finance director for the Our America Initiative and the Gary Johnson for President 2012 campaign. He is now President of the Coalition to Reduce Spending group, where he brings attention to runaway government spending and promotes serious solutions to the country's national debt problem.

Dave Nalle

Dave Nalle is the policy and messaging advisor for Liberty Torch Political Consulting, LLC. Dave is also the current national chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus, an organization that promotes individual liberty, limited government, and free market economics within the Republican Party. He has worked on countless campaigns for liberty-oriented Republican candidates in various capacities, and currently serves as advisor to the Ted Cruz for Senate campaign in Texas. He is also the Director of Campaign Mechanics, a campaign consulting firm for local political campaigns, and the senior politics editor of Blogcritics, an online news and opinion magazine.