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Our Current and Past Clients

The Coalition to Reduce Spending
How We've Helped: We assist the Coalition to Reduce Spending with social media and social network development. We took their Facebook Like count from a mere 200 to well over 1000 in a matter of a few weeks, and doubled their Twitter followers. We also put together and upload their YouTube videos.
How We've Helped: We've taken on, one of the premiere political news and analysis websites for the 2012 election season, as social media developers. We are developing their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and other networks.

The Libertas Institute
How We've Helped: We helped the Libertas Institute get their social networks off the ground by advising them on social media strategy and raising the views and reach of their Facebook page. We drove about 1000 new Likes to their Facebook page in the course of one month.

Robyn Hamlin for US Congress 2012 (R) (MO-1)
How We've Helped: We are helping the Hamlin for Congress campaign with general strategy, messaging, and fundraising advice. We also designed the campaign website and revamped their social media and online presence.

Matthew P. Block for State Representative 2012 (R) (MO-140)
How We've Helped: The Block campaign requested help with a goal of raising $2000 in a short period to pay for two big mailers to likely voters in the final GOTV push. We helped the campaign raise nearly double that amount.

Joe Ruiz for US Congress (L) (IN-2)
How We've Helped: We have recently signed on to help the Ruiz campaign with fundraising.